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Material Transfer Agreement & License

Material Transfer Agreement

HepaRG™ is a patented cell line (PCT/FR02/02391 of July 8, 2002) licensed to the company BIOPREDIC INTERNATIONAL.
For the benefit of the scientific community, the HepaRG™ cell line is available to academic researchers performing research projects not funded by the industry.
Access is granted under a MTA that is standard and non-negotiable due to the specific context of patent protection and rights granted to Biopredic International.
BIOPREDIC INTERNATIONAL will manage the shipment of cells to the recipient and charge a minimal cost recovery fee to compensate for the preparation/shipment costs.

1. Inform one of the inventors of the cell line of your willingness to perform research with HepaRG™ : 

Christiane Guillouzo
Philippe Gripon 
or Christian Trepo 

2. Upon receipt of their answer, ask Biopredic International for the standard MTA form

4. Upon Biopredic notification, have the MTA digitally signed by an authorized representative.

6. Biopredic International keeps a digital copy until MTA termination. 
7. On behalf of Inserm, Biopredic International will let ship the cells to the recipient and charge a   cost recovery fee agreed upon with Inserm. 
8. To help with the culture of HepaRG™ cells,  Biopredic International can provide additives for growth medium and additives for differentiation medium. Please contact us for more information on how to order the additives.


Volume-dependant HepaRG™ human hepatic cell propagation and use sublicense

Biopredic International is granted with exclusive, unrestricted  worldwide rights to HepaRG cell line under patent rights owned by the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research claiming for “Novel human hepatoma lines, methods for obtaining same and uses thereof”.

Biopredic International has developed media supplements for the production, culture, and use of the HepaRG™ Cell line for drug discovery, drug development, pharmacology and toxicology, production of biomarkers and drug metabolites and related services.

A researcher from a commercial organization can obtain a volume-dependent sublicense from Biopredic International in order to produce and use fresh plated HepaRG™  cells and to use HepaRG™  Media.

This sublicence is for one year.

With the volume-dependent sublicence, the researcher will receive a free vial of HPR101 (cryopreserved dividing and non-differentiated HepaRG™ cells). During the term of the sublicence the researcher shall order every trimester a minimum of 3 units of additives for HepaRG™ growth medium, for 500ml (ADD710) and 3 units of additives for HepaRG™ differentiation medium, for 500ml (ADD720).

For more information on the conditions of the volume dependent sublicence, please contact us at

Limited Use License Agreement for the use of HepaRG™ cryopreserved differentiated cells (HPR116)

All customers and recipients of cryopreserved differentiated HepaRG™ cells commit to accept the terms set in the Limited Use License Agreement below:
HepaRG™ cells are patented and their use is strictly limited; consider the cells as a single-use, disposable product that must be destroyed upon conclusion of a study or experiment. Propagating, reproducing, cloning, subcloning or any other use of the cells following the conclusion of a study is prohibited. Use of the cells to produce or manufacture commercial products for general sale or for use in the manufacture of products intended for general sale is prohibited. Transfer of the cells to anyone not employed within the same organization, whether for financial benefit or not, is prohibited. If you are unwilling to accept the terms of this LIMITED USE LICENSE, do not use them, and immediately return the cells for credit. Violators of this Limited Use License will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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